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"chrome://" Links

Command Line Options

NOTE:  You can also export CHROME_USER_FLAGS with a string containing the flags you want.

See Command Line Options and source code

Visit chrome://version to see the currently active flags.

Switch Description
--user-data-dir See user-data-directory
Proxy Server Stuff
--no-proxy-server Don't use a proxy server, always make direct connections. Overrides any other proxy server flags that are passed.
--proxy-auto-detect Force proxy auto-detection.
--proxy-server This switch only affects HTTP and HTTPS requests.
Hosts Stuff
--host-rules See host-rules
--hsts-hosts See hsts-hosts
Developer Stuff
--enable-easy-off-store-extension-install Allowing installing an extension by clicking on a .crx file. Without this switch, one has to drag and drop the .crx onto a chrome tab displaying chrome://extensions
Clean Profile
--no-pings Don't send hyperlink auditing pings
--incognito Causes the browser to launch directly in incognito mode.
--kiosk Not available on Mac OS X

Extra logging

Pass --enable-logging=stderr to see console.log messages on the console.

Pass -v=1 to get details logs on the console.

Setting Flags for Chrome on Android

From: Setting Flags for Chrome on Android

adb shell 'echo "chrome <flags>" > /data/local/tmp/content-shell-command-line'

Remember to quit the app completely and restart for flags to take effect.

Turn off SPDY and use system SSL

# Use these flags
--use-spdy=off --use-system-ssl

Logging: GUI or from the command line.

Disable/Enable Chrome's PDF viewer plugin

Group Policy

Visit http://policy to check the rules.

On Mac, check this – Mac Quick Start

open /Library/Managed\ Preferences/$USER/
open /Library/Managed\ Preferences/

# OR

plutil -convert xml1 -o - /Library/Managed\ Preferences/$USER/ | less
plutil -convert xml1 -o - /Library/Managed\ Preferences/ | less

Register GMail as protocol handler for mailto: links

# Normally, we would have been happy to type this in the
# URL bar

# But this doesn't work (security prefs) and an active
# bug shows that gmail still doesn't do this itself.

# So we need to follow these sequence of steps:

# 1. Enable javascript: links
vim $vimws/../chrome/profiles/personal/Local\ State

# Now search for  "protocol_handler": {  "excluded_schemes": {
# and switch javascript from true to false.
# Now relaunch Google Chrome.
# One would have hoped this would have done the trick,
# but it turns out that pasting a javascript: url causes
# a google search so we need to find another way to
# launch a javascript: url.
# 2. We'll set up a search engine to launch javascript:
# links.
# Visit Preferences -> Manage Search Engines and create
# one to launch "javascript:%s"

# 3. Now, using this search engine, visit

# You're almost done.

# 4. Disable the javascript: links from working via the
# "Local State" file you edited in step 1.